Currently the app is only available on Apple's app store

While on the main menu, tap on the bottom button, it's green and has a plus icon in it.

Once the menu opens, select the option "Create new", this should take you to the register screen, where you can insert the name of your calendar and its type.

To delete a calendar, go to the main menu and swipe the row with the calendar`s name you wish to delete. After you swipe, a red button called "Delete" will show up, tap on that button and the calendar will be deleted from your phone.

NOTE: After you delete the calendar on a single phone this way, the calendar can still be accessed from other phones that haven’t deleted it. If you wish to delete the calendar completely from the server, tap on the "Pencil" icon on your calendar row, and once you are on the calendar details page, tap on the trash icon. This calendar will be wiped from out server and won`t be acessible from any other device anymore.

To do that, tap on the bottom "Add calendar..." button and select "Scan existing QR Code" on the new phone.

On the phone where the calendar has already been added, go to the main app`s menu and tap on the "pencil icon". The screen will show a QR code that can be read with the new phone.
Once on the calendar page, tap on a particular day. When you do it, the day will be highlighted and a rating section will show up below, this section is composed by three parts:

-The overall rating: This section is responsible for the overall daily rating, it has positive, neutral and negative buttons. Each one of the buttons has a different color and it will highlight the calendar once the rating is saved.

-The text field: This section is next to the rating section, it’s responsible for the daily text input that you might be useful. The message typed in this field will be shown to other users only when they tap on the same day the you’ve inserted that text, this is useful to go into details about the overall rating’s choice.

-The save button: This button is located on the far-right edge of the section, it’s a blue button with a save icon on it. Although it only appears when the keyboard on your device is opened, once you’re done typing a comment for a single day, press this button to save your changes.

To delete a previous rating, tap on the day you wish to erase and select the neutral button on the rating section that will show below, once you save this change to the day, it will remain neutral on the calendar preview and won’t be acknowledged on the stats page.
The stats screen is responsible for collecting calendar information and showing it in a award-winning style. This screen is composed by many parts:

-Badge: This is the big round picture in the stats page, the type of badge is determined on two factors, the amount of total days rated and the percentage of positive days among all ratings.

-Name of the badge: That’s the title that shows under the badge image, it’s the title of the badge and how it’s presented.

-Badge description: This is the smaller text right below the badge title, it describes what does the badge means, it holds jokes, advices, congratulations and other stimuli for a engaging award experience.

-Days (good / total): This attribute holds the overall status of positive days and total rated days separated by a slash character.

-Good day streak: This attribute shows the amount of days rated positive in a row, in other words, if a day is rated negative or neutral in between, the streak will be reseted to zero.

-Badge level: The badge level is the material that the badge is made, it’s also shown on the border of the badge image. The material changes based on the amount of total days rated and it represents how liable your badge is.

-Next badge level: This is the next material that your badge will achieve soon, the name is followed by the amount of total days that needs rating to reach the new level.

Badges are objects awarded to the user based on the rating data, it can be a congratulations-badge or an advice-badge. The material of the badge and the style will change accordingly to the total amount of days rated and the percentage of positive days.

The theme of the badges can be picked when creating a calendar. It`s also possible to change it by tapping on the pencil icon on the main page.
New badge styles are sold inside the app

To check the store, go to the app`s main menu and tap on the shopping cart icon on the top of your screen.

IMPORTANT: In order to have access to the store, make sure you have internet connection on your phone, otherwise the shopping cart button won`t unlock.

To do that, tap on the pencil icon for the calendar you wish to change (on the main menu screen), and then tap on the blue arrow button on the Badge style option, this action will take you to the screen where all the badge styles are listed.
The shopping cart icon only unlocks when there are products to sell available.

This action requires internet connection, please make sure your phone has network access. If the error persists, please
contact us